Wednesday, January 8

28 weeks!

28 Weeks!! Third Trimester!!!

little update...

I love our baby girl so much! She kicks me all the time and she's getting really really strong. 

I'm still working out everyday- running...elliptical...or zumba. And it makes me feel really good so I hope I can keep it up for as long as possible. 

Yesterday I had the glucose test for gestational diabetes and I got soooooooooo sick a couple hours after. I was nauseous the entire afternoon and evening and couldn't even eat except for some toast at 8 pm. and then I fell asleep by 9 because I couldn't take it anymore. I looked up how much sugar is in the drink and it said 75 grams!!!!??? is that even possible? No wonder I was miserable. 
P.S. since i had such a bad reaction to it, does that mean i'm going to fail the test and that my body can't process sugar? ahhhh i'm so nervous! fingers crossed!

Overall I'm feeling great! (except my ribs are getting a little crushed and it's getting harder to put on shoes and socks or pick anything up off the ground)

I've gotten to the point where it's obvious I'm pregnant and strangers have started to comment and i love it! Like my zumba instructor who points it out every class and like the guy at nordstrom selling me running shoes today, 
"Enjoy those shoes! and that baby!" haha thanks...

2014 is the best year ever!

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  1. i got sooo sick after the glucose test too! i seriously thought i was going to fail, but i didn't so i'm sure you're fine :) i'm glad your pregnancy is going well!


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