Wednesday, January 15

29 weeks and some tangents and a birthday!

29 weeks! 

I feel like next week (week 30) is such a big mile stone! I've been in the 20's FOREVER and i'm ready for baby girl to be here :)
p.s. i taught myself how to do a fishtail braid. so much easier than i thought it would be!

-Isn't it funny how some days you feel gigantic and other days you feel really cute? 
It's the weirdest thing. Luckily I get some endorphins from working out everyday and it helps to boost my self esteem!

- I've started to feel like I just want to wear sweats or pajamas ALL of the time. It's a real challenge not to give into it. 
But boy, as soon as piano lessons are over and we make dinner, into my pajamas i go!

thought i'd show you a real life picture:

and here's the bump at the gym yesterday :) I ran 1 mile. biked for 10 minutes. and ran 1 more mile. running is getting HARD (only because of the round ligament pain that i have been having) and SLOW. I set the treadmill to 4.9. It's almost like walking fast with a little extra pep in your step ;)

-Last night I made roasted brussels sprouts (delicious by the way) as one of the sides for our dinner. You should've seen devin's face when he walked in the room. Saddest look ever! But I convinced him to have HALF of one. And that was a huge accomplishment even though he absolutely hated it!! 
But hey! I made it up to him by making his own little bowl of sweet potatoes with extra sugar and marshmallows in it. I thought that was nice!  (oh and the chicken and bread is not pictured.... we didn't just have vegetables for dinner...even though i would be fine with that.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! Hope it's the best birthday yet! Wish we were there to celebrate with you!

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  1. Looking good! I always felt so awkward trying to exercise while I was pregnant. Swimming was really good for my sciatica and round ligament pain. Try it, your joints will feel so good! I love roasted brussel sprouts. I served them once to Josh and his brother, they ate them all, as a matter of pride. But, they are now on their list of things I'm not allowed to cook.


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