Sunday, January 5

Christmas Vacay Part 1

A couple of Fridays ago, we drove to Utah for christmas.
The drive was a bit scary going over the mountains and it was really snowy!

I was so stressed that my face turned bright red. Devin made me put my head down and close my eyes so I wouldn't bug him. I've turned into a whimp in the last couple of years.

We finally made it to Utah and stopped at my parent's house to say hi and to give Ashley and Brad their gifts since they spent christmas in Maryland.

As you can see, Olivia loved the headband I gave her.

I think princess was just sad that her arms and legs were exposed in her new party dress.

We spent the next week at Devin's house. I felt so lucky because it snowed the first couple of days we were there!! I loved it!

Me and my cute sister in law, Hallie. Somehow she is already passing me in height!
  And poor girl's an only child right now since the boys are on missions.

Saturday morning, we went to Devin's grandparent's ward christmas party. Omelet bar... pancakes... chocolate milk...

And santa was there!! It was very exciting!

This is the view from our room we stayed in. Isn't it so pretty?? It was a perfect white christmas!

On Sunday we went to church and then took pictures in the snow of course.

Look at that snowflake that landed in my hair!! (I obviously was reeeeaaallly happy about it.)

Baby bump at 26 weeks i think?

Monday was spent doing some shopping... running errands...getting nails done...

Then that night we went to Larry and Sean King's christmas party at their Provo home.
The food was to die for! and they had brussel sprouts: my favorite!

Devin isn't a fan of brussel sprouts. He doesn't have quite the refined taste that I do ;)

Every year they have a bunch of family/friends perform and it's so crazy how much talent is packed into one family. I'm always so impressed! There was a lot of singing, guitar/piano playing, a whistling quartet, and a few heart warming speeches.

This guy is a comedian and was so hilarious. 

Part 2 and 3 of christmas to come!!

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