Monday, January 6

Christmas Vacay part 2

We tried splitting up the christmas vacation a little differently this year. Usually we just bounce back and forth between houses and it gets kind of exhausting and stressful. So this year we spent the first part with Devin's family and the second part with my family in St. George. It worked out pretty well and felt a little less hectic. Such a hard life when you have so many loving family members that you want to see ;)
So Christmas Eve we went to dinner with my family at Brio. It was so delicious! and fun to see my parents and both sets of grandparents. 
It took about 6 tries to get a picture where everyone was looking.

Thanks dad for the delicious meal!

Christmas morning we got up and opened presents. 
Devin and his dad are wayyyyyyy too good to me!!! I was totally shocked when I opened a new computer! (my old one has been on its last leg for quite some time and a few weeks ago the mouse even stopped working)
It is the best gift ever and i love it so much!! Thank you devin and bob!! (oh and devin got me that awesome colorado school of medicine sweatshirt. love it!)

Hallie's big surprise was getting 3 little guinea pigs! At first she was way too surprised and maybe not that excited, but she LOVES them now! It reminded me of my good old elementary days with my guinea pig snickers and how much my sister hated the smell. 
I'm pretty sure i played and cuddled with snickers too much and that's why he only lived a year. Apparently they are supposed to live for 4? who knew? (or maybe ashley poisoned him...)

After some present opening, we drove to the airport to pick up Devin's dad who was able to come for a visit just for the day. We stopped by Devin's grandma's place to say hello!

And then we rushed back to Devin's house to talk to Ryan and Sean! It was so good to talk to them and see their happy faces on a 3 way Skype! They are doing so well and are the best missionaries ever. Love those guys and so excited to see Ryan in 6 months!!

The next few days we saw some friends!
Always good when the boys are back in town. Devin has known these guys FOREVER and it's always fun to catch up with them.

We timed the hour glass to see if it was exactly an hour. Because why wouldn't you do that?
And it's actually 1:02... 

We met up with our friends, Audrey, Matt, and Adalynn, for breakfast! We love these BYU friends and we always make an effort to see them every six months when we are in town. We are so lucky to have such great friends that we can keep in touch with.


  1. haha i totally remember snickers! so awesome! looks like a great Christmas!

  2. FOR THE RECORD I DID NOT KILL SNICKERS. But I did send him negative vibes so that may have done him in... may he rest in peace


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