Tuesday, January 7

Christmas Vacay part 3

The second part of christmas break we drove down to St. George to hang out with my family.
It was awesome! The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed the sunshine and not being in the Salt Lake inversion.

Since I can't jump at the moment... i've perfected my skills of taking jumping pictures of other people. Not too shabby eh?

Devin loved going shooting!

We even went 2 different days! Lucky boy!

and i hit a bulls eye 3 times in a row from 100 yards away. BOOM! I'M SO GOOD.

Little Olivia was there to join the party. Love that little munchkin so much.

I had to include this one (even though she is blurry in it) to prove how happy she was to see me.

I picked her up one night and started dancing with her and she immediately went limp and fell asleep. It was the cutest thing ever!!! I love snuggly babies! can't wait to snuggle my baby girl. 

New Year's Eve we went to dinner at the Pizza Factory and then hung out at the condo and watched movies and tv. Very relaxing! So relaxing in fact that devin fell asleep at 10:30... but i made sure to wake him up for his new years kiss. P.S. We got engaged 4 years ago in NYC!!! 

More sunshine pictures! We loved sitting by the pool (not getting in it of course) and relaxing in the sun!

I love this pic of ash and livy.

Ashley is such a good sister and gave me a pedicure (including a foot massage) just because i'm pregnant. Best sister ever!

I had my first experience going to Swig for a dirty diet coke! DELICIOUS! Love that place. But would you be mad if i said i didn't like the cookies? Way too sugary for me. Holy moly!

My little buddy in the back seat. Have you seen enough Olivia pics yet?

I know. i know. Here's one more.

We also went running and walking each day. It was so fun!

Here's the belly on a run! 

Gorgeous sunset on our last day in St. George!

And we went to dinner at the Gun Barrel and then for donuts at the Fractured Prune. Great way to end our stay in St. George!

Thanks mom and dad!!

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  1. Obviously I love the Swig cookies... holy doub chin. Love the pics of liv!!! She loves you


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