Sunday, January 26

saturday is a special day

We had a typical saturday... Devin studied and had a meeting for scouts. I ran errands (and everyone that i came across was in THE WORST MOOD. ugh.)

Our friends invited us to eat at the Cherry Cricket! So our saturday wasn't a total bust.
 It's always a good time with Carrie and Grant- especially when burgers and bars are involved! (just kiddin about the bar thing)

They are the best sports and let me take multiple pictures of them until I figured out a good setting to have the camera on. Sometimes I forget that taking billions of pictures everywhere you go is not the norm and some people aren't really into it... But thanks guys! I'm pretty sure this is a good picture. I mean, at least they're in focus right?

This is the burger place with all of the crazy toppings you can order. I ordered a normal burger this time, but Devin ordered his with peanut butter, jam, and cream cheese. so delicious!

We had a fun night and lots of laughs as usual. Carrie and I have decide to start a book club! (i'm writing it here to hold my self accountable for doing it.) 
I've always wanted to start one! and I read so many dang books that it would be fun to discuss. Does that make me old? 

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