Tuesday, January 14

saturday walk

Denver has been in the 50's for the last few weeks and it has been so beautiful and sunny!

We took advantage of it and went on one of my favorite walks from the Highlands to 16th street mall downtown. There are 3 bridges you cross and it goes through some really cool areas. Lots of hipsters and such.

We stopped at Little Man Ice Cream, of course. I got chocolate and vanilla and Devin got a mexican chocolate milk shake. So delish!

As we were walking we spotted this:

Coolest bike ever right? Devin started taking pictures and the guy must have seen Devin's excitement because he rode on over, jumped off, and said "hop on". The bike was sooooo tall. There's a little peg on the back, but Paul basically helped Devin get up there. He asked me if I wanted to try and I turned down the offer. Is it sad that the first thing that popped into my head was, "i'll for sure tweak my hips or pull a muscle or something." I must be getting old...or just really pregnant.

We continued our walk downtown and saw lots of Broncos signs for the big game and a bunch of fans walking around! So much excitement and we love it! 

There was a Pepsi vending machine giving out free Pepsi, so of course we got in line to get our free drink (not knowing that one person in line was about to win tickets to the SUPER BOWL!). About 5 people after us, music started playing and all of these dancers came out from the machine! The guy had won- and he had no idea what was going on!!! ahhhh we were so jealous and couldn't believe we were just 5 people before! Can you imagine winning tickets to the game (and flight/hotel and everything else)? So cool and we were totally jealous of that guy!

And then we watched people falling down at the outdoor ice skating rink. 

We love our city so much and love exploring! 


  1. you are pretty... the end. ok not really, I want that mexican milk shake it looks soooo good!!! So glad you take advantage of the city!!!

    1. thanks sissy! and did you know that mexican chocolate is chocolate with cinnamon in it??? MMMMMM SO YUMMY!


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