Thursday, January 30

sister missionaries love salads

Tuesday night the sister missionaries  came for dinner. As usual, I made them Asian chicken salad. Because they LOVE IT! 
this is a tried and true theory: sister missionaries love salads.
Each set of missionaries that I've fed salad to has told me how grateful they are to finally eat just a salad. (they get served lots of pasta and heavy/filling meals,  because families go all out when they're feeding the missionaries. but can you imagine having that every night? I would blow up like a balloon!!) 

So anyway. They were grateful.

salad+izzes+french bread

and I tried to corrupt them by making "better than sex cake". 
and then i made a giant crater in it by dropping a salt shaker. clumsy old me.

After dinner, we went to the Pinewood Derby for the scouts because Devin was in charge.

It was surprisingly fun and quite intense! And the best part was that one of my piano students won the whole thing! He was on cloud nine and I watched him turn to his parents in the middle of it after winning a few rounds and say, "I haven't stopped smiling this whole time." It was the cutest thing ever.

Devin did a great job of running the whole thing. Doesn't he look happy and like it's his favorite thing in the world to be cub scout master? 

yay for scouts!

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  1. Devin is so cute as a scout master! I love that you guys are doing so well and involved in your ward. Very smart to feed the sisters salads by the way, my sister gained 40 lbs on her mission!! People really try to stuff you silly!


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