Monday, January 27

sunday pancakes

Hello 31 weeks! Baby girl is 3.3 pounds and growing like a weed!

Yesterday we made apple pancakes for lunch! mmmmmm.... delicious!!! I am eternally grateful to my friend, Autumn, for introducing me to her amazing recipe. The syrup is to die for!

Devin was one happy camper! Nothing better than pancakes after church!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! That's me!! I'm Autumn! This just made my day! Haha!

    1. haha autumn!! I'm so glad you saw this! These are without a doubt the best pancakes!

    2. Autumn! We all feel that way about your pancake recipe! I put it in our family recipe book as "Autumns Apple Pancakes" and I think of you every time we have them--they are the best!
      I am just sorry I wasn't in colorado for pancakes after church.

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  2. mmm yum those pancakes are the best evs! Also props for wearing heals past 30 weeks, I am impressed.

  3. You look great!!! And I think I need this apple pancake recipe... :)


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