Sunday, January 19

weekend with my parents!

My parents came to visit us this weekend! Of course we had soooo much fun shopping... eating... the usual.

Friday morning I took my parents to Jelly for breakfast. They have the most delicious donut bites and poor devin had to miss out and go to class that day. 
After that we shopped for baby stuff!!! I feel completely prepared now and can't wait for this baby to come! (sneak peek of the nursery at the end of this post).

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Panera!

I love my mom.

And I love my dad. Poor guy had some stomach pain and had to visit the ER last night. Not the greatest thing to do on your vacation. But he was a trooper and shopped and shopped all weekend long and helped with the nursery, even though he felt crummy. What a guy! 

My cute mom at Target during one of our many trips there! I just love the bright colors! 

My mom and I started putting together a shelf organizer that involved screws, nails, and wood glue. Poor devin had to take it apart and redo the entire thing because I put it together wrong. Sometimes I drive him crazy. 

Ta da!!
A sneak peek at the nursery. I'm sooooo in love with it! It's like heaven and so peaceful! I think our little angel baby is going to absolutely love it. Thanks mom and dad for the help and the fabulous weekend!


  1. How fun! Putting the nursery together is so much fun. I love the sneak peek :)

  2. Cute! I love the elephant and mobile!


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