Tuesday, February 11

ABC and Ocean Prime

On Friday night we went to a med school couples dinner.
 "All aBout Couples" (ABC.... clever right?) is a group set up for students and their significant others and there are activities all year long. There were speakers and a nice dinner served and it was a lot of fun.

^^We sat next to a couple that I went to high school with. ^^
He is a second year and she is having a baby another baby in may! yay for babies!

^^The dinner was located at the University Club downtown.^^
It's this really cool, old building for members only, so we felt really cool going inside. 

^^This lady and her husband spoke about getting through med school/residency.^^
She is the doctor and he is a stay at home dad--with a full time job too i believe. So they talked about their struggles and gave us some advice. A girl leaned over to me afterward and said, "well that was depressing." But I have to say, in their defense, this was one of the more positive med school experiences i have heard and the husband was pretty hilarious. I've learned not to take these things too seriously. Everyone's experience is different and we've been fine so far despite everyone saying the first year is "sooooo hard". blah blah blah. Every couple is different.

The highlight of the night was going with one of our new couple friends to a restaurant down at Larimer Square called Ocean Prime for drinks and appetizers. (D and I opted for water of course... but apparently the wine was to die for) The restaurant was soooo cool and I wanted to pull out my camera but it was kind of a fancy schmancy place and I felt awkward so I found the above picture online. It was such a cool restaurant and the food was amazing! Plus we love our new friends and it was fun to get to know them better! 

p.s. I got a parking ticket downtown for not having a front license plate... but my car doesn't even have a place to put one so i'm really confused and bugged. Denver police are kind of the worst. We got a ticket a couple of weeks ago for having a headlight out. Definitely missing Utah and the "fix it tickets" where it's basically a warning to get it fixed. grrrrr.....

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