Monday, February 24

baby shower #1

Last Friday we flew to Salt Lake for one last time before baby comes! 
Can you believe it? Next time we fly somewhere we will have a baby.

First stop was in n out for a quick dinner and then to my parents house to see cute little Olivia!

Saturday morning my mom and grandma had a little family baby shower for me. It was so much fun and my mom did such an amazing job! The food... the decor... everything was perfection.
And little Olivia wore her party dress.

It was so fun to see family and friends! I feel so lucky! Our baby girl is already so spoiled and has the most amazing shoe collection. 

Us and cousin Alexis.

Little Liv was so exhausted and fell asleep while I was holding her. Nothing better!

Uhhh i think this is turning into an Olivia post...

The most amazing table! My mom really is the best hostess ever! And that cake was delicious!

And she had all of these balloons in the living room. It was magical!

and another olivia picture.... Are you worried for how many baby pictures I'll be posting when my own baby comes? 

And then sunday we went to church. and Olivia looked very classy in her fur coat. 

We had a great weekend and I can't believe we only have 5 weeks left!

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