Friday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!

I sure love Valentines Day! Always have, always will. I just love pink and flowers and hearts and love so much! 

We celebrated on Wednesday because we are going to Utah today!
We headed down to Larimer Square to a restaurant called Ted's Montana Grill.
It was so cozy inside and we absolutely loved it!And the menu was incredible! It took me forever to decide what to get.

I ordered The Madison Burger: A bison burger, on a wheat bun, with arugula, goat cheese, and a raspberry spread. (Yeah...i googled goat cheese and pregnancy when i got home and I definitely wasn't supposed to eat this.. But it was sure delicious!!)

The waiter never brought us our appetizers so he said dessert was on him!
So we shared the cookie and ice cream. 

This is Larimer Square. It's a street downtown with the most AMAZING restaurants! and it's always lit up and busy. Definitely one of our favorite places in Denver.

My Valentine. I sure love this guy!

He even sent me two dozen roses early so that I could enjoy them before we went out of town.

Have a Happy Love Day!!

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  1. That burger looks amazing!! I'm sure you were fine eating it, they say you can't have sandwich meat either and I ate it my whole pregnancy and was fine, I think they just worry about soft cheeses because if they're not pasteurized in some VERY rare cases they can have bacteria that is bad for the baby but I talked to my doctor and she said it was pretty rare. ;) You look great by the way! Can't wait to "meet" your cute baby girl!


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