Tuesday, March 25

spring break

 Last week was Devin's spring break. While all of his classmates were in Cancun or Europe, he got to be home with his sick, 9 month pregnant wife. Poor guy. I tried to still be a fun person to be around... but I'm not so sure I succeeded. 

One day we went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir/State Park. It was such a gorgeous day and fun to be outside and sit on Colorado's version of a beach.

geese are the worst.

We went to a few movies! and even bought popcorn!

And then Thursday-Sunday, Devin's family came to visit. It was fun and we basically shopped and ate- a sign of a successful weekend. 

Hallie slept over one of the nights and we made waffles. 

and here i am at 39 weeks. Just waiting for this baby to come. I'm so excited to meet her and am having such a hard time being patient!
 I'm still feeling pretty good- i just get tired super easy and just can't move like i used to 30 pounds ago... ;) 
hopefully next time i blog there will be a picture of baby girl!

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  1. your house looks so cute! i want more picture of the art you have on your walls!
    hopefully you are feeling better!! miss & love you!


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