Tuesday, April 29

Med school race!

On Saturday, the medical school had a 2.5K and 5K! 
(I'm really proud of us for getting to the school by 8am.)

Ettie loved it, of course. 
Don't worry- we walked the 2.5K. And a part of my soul died a little as i watched all of the runners take off at the beginning. I can't wait to run again! But i'm being patient and just walking for now as I ease back into things. (don't worry mom.)

Doesn't he look good with a stroller? ;)

Waiting for it to begin.

The walk was really fun! We actually walked with another couple who happen to both be in medical school (very impressive.) And the girl actually helped deliver me a few weeks ago. Smallest world! It's funny because I feel like we know each other so well since she was there for one of the biggest experiences of my life! She loved seeing baby Ettie again.

There were obstacles along the course that, if completed, would take a certain amount off of your time. This first obstacle was putting on scrubs and running to a fire hydrant and then taking them off and running back. (That building in the background is where ettie was born. How cute is that?)

Another one was to put your forehead on the end of a baseball bat and run around it ten times to make yourself dizzy. Devin couldn't even stand up after. It was so hilarious.

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