Wednesday, May 28

Memorial day in Utah

For Memorial Day we went to the great SLC! It was so much fun and a whirlwind of a weekend. It flew by so fast! 
^^I was SO NERVOUS for Ettie's first flight. My stomach hurt all morning! 
Luckily everything went perfectly and she didn't make a peep the whole time!
The flight was about half full so we got about 10 rows to ourselves! Win!

^^ First stop: Zupas! to meet up with the fam! Love this livy girl!

I am devastated because Zupas stopped making my favorite salad ever, aka the only thing i've ever ordered there. (the vermont maple blueberry salad.) 
But regardless of that, it was so fun being with my fam! They're the best.

We went to my parent's house after to hold the babies!

My mom is loving this grandma thing.
(p.s. youngest looking g-ma ever!)

^^Dev and my dad fell asleep and so the girls decided to leave them be and hit up the mall!
A bathroom selfie was necessary.

Tuesday, May 20

fhe at the pool

Family home evening this week was spent poolside. Eating BBQ chicken sandwiches and root beer.
That's my kind of FHE!
^^Brooke and Lis are some of my friends from church.^^ 
They have the same life: husbands in Derm, two boys and one girl, and they are BOTH moving away next month (to Texas and Utah). I'm soooo sad and don't even want to think about it. 

^^Ettie loves being outside.

^^Ettie loved all of the attention from everyone.^^

^^D forgot his swimsuit. whoops!

^^we are just loving this summer weather. ^^

Colfax 5K

Months ago I signed up for the Colfax 5k with some girls from our ward. I knew it would be pretty soon after giving birth, but i don't think i realized how soon it would really be. (6 weeks to be exact) Luckily my recovery has been AMAZING and so quick. I definitely didn't expect that but i'm so grateful!

^^This is Mindi and Lisa. A few other girls had signed up but weren't able to make it. I'm so glad that I got to run with these girls though. We had a great time in our matching t shirts :)

I'm proud to say that I ran the entire time and only walked at the aid station!!
I can't believe how hard it is to run now! 10 minute mile pace feels like a full on sprint. 

^^ i love my 2 fans sooooo much and i loved having them at the finish line.^^
I finished in 33 minutes, which i'm so proud of because my goal was to finish under 45 minutes. yippee!!
^^The girl in the blue got THIRD PLACE overall! Her name is Emily and she just moved here to denver and is in our ward. She teaches at the medical school and also WINS marathons. I'm just in awe!! and I love talking to her about all of the races she has done. 

^^The greatest fan! Just look at those cheeks. ^^
And she's the sweetest little angel and slept the whole time.

Monday, May 19

jazz festival

Saturday we debated whether we should have a Breaking Bad marathon, or go out on the town. It was definitely a toss up but we decided to get out of the house.
^^First stop: Five Points Jazz Festival^^
Gorgeous view of downtown!
Perfect summer night.
Good music.
Lots of culture.
And we learned something new about the 5 points neighborhood:
Once known as the Harlem of the West, Five Points was home to several jazz clubs which played host to many of jazz music’s legends such as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and many more.

^^ look at the little girl's face on the right. 

^^the neighborhood is a bit sketchy, but there were some really cool streets too! 

^^We hopped in the car afterwards and went to get Cheesecake Factory. It was the perfect date night! And Ettie slept the whole time. Bless her.

temple picnic

 ^^On Friday, Ettie and I went to the Denver Temple to meet some friends for a picnic! It's about a 30-40 minute drive but it was so worth it! (we even took the toll road back! which was really fun because it goes pretty far east and it's all fields and prettiness out there)

^^ Can you think of a better view for a picnic? so gorgeous! and the best weather!

^^ Ettie loved being outside!

^^I'm so sad to say goodbye to this girl. Mandi has been in our ward for almost a year and for some reason we have never gotten to know each other until THIS WEEK! We had 3 different activities this week where we got to know each other and then yesterday she moved to idaho. sad day! she's one of the sweetest, happiest people i know!

Thursday, May 15

the cousins!

So the cousins finally met!! (as of right now, they are the only babies on each side of our families/inlaws, so they're the only cousin that they have. does that make sense?) It was so much fun having Ash, Brad, and Olivia here in Denver. I will talk more about them later... but first I wanted to post cousin pictures because they're so cute together!
olivia is SOOOOO funny! I love her facial expressions in all of these pictures.

This photo shoot was a bit of a struggle fest. Ettie wasn't into leaning against livy. And livy was just confused. Maybe ettie was sad because she lost a sock.

This pretty much sums it up.

Riding in the car together!

These girls already love shopping together!

finally an update!

ok. here we go!
my mom is dying for me to blog.
The truth is i've taken so many ettie pictures that i don't know where to begin, so this post is kind of random.

A couple of weeks ago, Devin's mom came to help us out. It was so much fun having Grandma Shannon here and having her meet Ettie.

and now that i look at these pictures I can't believe how much ettie has already changed!!

So tiny.

Had to include this gorgeous picture. ha! (don't be alarmed- this isn't a breastfeeding picture. we are just cuddling. and i have cleaned off my night stand since this picture)

He is absolutely smitten. Nothing sweeter.

Little papoose taking a sunday nap.. with the pretzel crisps.

Little burrito

She loves watching espn with dad.

Devin calls her "bullfrog" because her tummy is so big. She loves to eat. A LOT. (she takes after me) And she already weighs 11 pounds! you go girlfriend!

We love getting out of the house! She is such an angel wherever we go and doesn't make a peep. Love that about newborns!

Solly baby wraps are the best. When she is cranky, this is how i get stuff done.

She had her first shopping trip to the Cherry Creek Mall a few weeks ago. Slept through the whole thing. You go girl!

squishy little bug. 

Added another member to the stroller gang!

We went out to dinner with some friends and went to City Park after to walk around. It has the prettiest view of the city! This picture doesn't do it justice.

next up: visit from ash, brad, and olivia.