Tuesday, May 20

Colfax 5K

Months ago I signed up for the Colfax 5k with some girls from our ward. I knew it would be pretty soon after giving birth, but i don't think i realized how soon it would really be. (6 weeks to be exact) Luckily my recovery has been AMAZING and so quick. I definitely didn't expect that but i'm so grateful!

^^This is Mindi and Lisa. A few other girls had signed up but weren't able to make it. I'm so glad that I got to run with these girls though. We had a great time in our matching t shirts :)

I'm proud to say that I ran the entire time and only walked at the aid station!!
I can't believe how hard it is to run now! 10 minute mile pace feels like a full on sprint. 

^^ i love my 2 fans sooooo much and i loved having them at the finish line.^^
I finished in 33 minutes, which i'm so proud of because my goal was to finish under 45 minutes. yippee!!
^^The girl in the blue got THIRD PLACE overall! Her name is Emily and she just moved here to denver and is in our ward. She teaches at the medical school and also WINS marathons. I'm just in awe!! and I love talking to her about all of the races she has done. 

^^The greatest fan! Just look at those cheeks. ^^
And she's the sweetest little angel and slept the whole time.

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