Thursday, May 15

finally an update!

ok. here we go!
my mom is dying for me to blog.
The truth is i've taken so many ettie pictures that i don't know where to begin, so this post is kind of random.

A couple of weeks ago, Devin's mom came to help us out. It was so much fun having Grandma Shannon here and having her meet Ettie.

and now that i look at these pictures I can't believe how much ettie has already changed!!

So tiny.

Had to include this gorgeous picture. ha! (don't be alarmed- this isn't a breastfeeding picture. we are just cuddling. and i have cleaned off my night stand since this picture)

He is absolutely smitten. Nothing sweeter.

Little papoose taking a sunday nap.. with the pretzel crisps.

Little burrito

She loves watching espn with dad.

Devin calls her "bullfrog" because her tummy is so big. She loves to eat. A LOT. (she takes after me) And she already weighs 11 pounds! you go girlfriend!

We love getting out of the house! She is such an angel wherever we go and doesn't make a peep. Love that about newborns!

Solly baby wraps are the best. When she is cranky, this is how i get stuff done.

She had her first shopping trip to the Cherry Creek Mall a few weeks ago. Slept through the whole thing. You go girl!

squishy little bug. 

Added another member to the stroller gang!

We went out to dinner with some friends and went to City Park after to walk around. It has the prettiest view of the city! This picture doesn't do it justice.

next up: visit from ash, brad, and olivia.

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