Wednesday, May 28

Memorial day in Utah

For Memorial Day we went to the great SLC! It was so much fun and a whirlwind of a weekend. It flew by so fast! 
^^I was SO NERVOUS for Ettie's first flight. My stomach hurt all morning! 
Luckily everything went perfectly and she didn't make a peep the whole time!
The flight was about half full so we got about 10 rows to ourselves! Win!

^^ First stop: Zupas! to meet up with the fam! Love this livy girl!

I am devastated because Zupas stopped making my favorite salad ever, aka the only thing i've ever ordered there. (the vermont maple blueberry salad.) 
But regardless of that, it was so fun being with my fam! They're the best.

We went to my parent's house after to hold the babies!

My mom is loving this grandma thing.
(p.s. youngest looking g-ma ever!)

^^Dev and my dad fell asleep and so the girls decided to leave them be and hit up the mall!
A bathroom selfie was necessary.

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