Monday, May 19

temple picnic

 ^^On Friday, Ettie and I went to the Denver Temple to meet some friends for a picnic! It's about a 30-40 minute drive but it was so worth it! (we even took the toll road back! which was really fun because it goes pretty far east and it's all fields and prettiness out there)

^^ Can you think of a better view for a picnic? so gorgeous! and the best weather!

^^ Ettie loved being outside!

^^I'm so sad to say goodbye to this girl. Mandi has been in our ward for almost a year and for some reason we have never gotten to know each other until THIS WEEK! We had 3 different activities this week where we got to know each other and then yesterday she moved to idaho. sad day! she's one of the sweetest, happiest people i know!

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