Thursday, May 15

the cousins!

So the cousins finally met!! (as of right now, they are the only babies on each side of our families/inlaws, so they're the only cousin that they have. does that make sense?) It was so much fun having Ash, Brad, and Olivia here in Denver. I will talk more about them later... but first I wanted to post cousin pictures because they're so cute together!
olivia is SOOOOO funny! I love her facial expressions in all of these pictures.

This photo shoot was a bit of a struggle fest. Ettie wasn't into leaning against livy. And livy was just confused. Maybe ettie was sad because she lost a sock.

This pretty much sums it up.

Riding in the car together!

These girls already love shopping together!

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  1. so cute!!!!! Poor Olivia looks so bald next to Ettie


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