Monday, June 2

Blessing brunch

Ettie was blessed yesterday and it was such a special day. We loved having all of our parents here and spending time with them. (more pictures of them to come.)
But first i wanted to share the brunch that I did! (with the assistance of my mom of course)
I love cooking for people and so it was fun to throw this together.

First off. Perfect peonies for the occasion.

The table:

Fruit skewers:

Blueberry muffins:

Breakfast casserole:

Ettie loves relaxing after church with her grandpa.

This is Ettie's friend Preston. They are 13 days apart! So cute!!!

Photo bomb.

Bonding with grandma over some lunch.

Med school chats.

My girls. 

more cuddling.

Crammed into the living room to watch some golf. I love hallie in the corner.

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