Tuesday, June 17

LA trip!

Last Tuesday we flew to LA to see Devin's dad!

Ettie is such a good little traveler! She has already been on 4 flights!

All smiles!

And then they fell asleep! (and so did the girl next to them. I was laughing so hard  because the girl's head was totally in the aisle and she kept getting bumped by people walking by and didn't even notice. After a while a flight attendant woke her up and told her to move her head.)

cheeks and lips. i die!

Family selfie. (we've been training ettie on looking at the camera. she does pretty well!)

She loves when her dad squeezes her cheeks. 
(i'm being serious too. She always smiles when he does it)

Bob picked us up and we went to dinner at Rock Sugar and then walked around the mall.

I was so nervous about ettie sleeping well since it was her first time not sleeping in her rock n play bassinet thing. (we've traveled to utah before but my mom has a rock n play at her house so ettie slept fine.) But ettie did soooo well and slept perfectly in her little travel bassinet on the floor!! She is such a good little sleeper. Her longest stretch is 10 hours (that was the other night.) But most nights she will sleep 8 hours straight. I feel SOOOOOOOOO lucky that we have such a good sleeper!! (and don't judge me. Yes, I let her sleep on her side and i also put a blanket behind her to make her more comfy.)

Poor baby was sick for the first time. 
It started with devin having a cold... and then ettie... and then me.  Ettie is such a good sport though and wasn't even that sad. Just acted kind of tired but she still was able to sleep well which helped her to recover really quickly!
But i think her sick face is kind of the cutest thing ever.

And she still would smile.

Grandpa bob loves his ettie girl!

We went shopping a lot in LA which is always a treat! 
As you can see, it was exhausting ;)

Shopping for baby clothes

Shopping in Santa Monica

We went to the gym one morning.

And we kept up our tradition at having breakfast every day at corner bakery! My favorite!

We went to THE most amazing restaurant for dinner right on the beach! It was heavenly and we sat out on the deck and the waves were crashing right in front of us! It was THE BEST!

Pictures were a must! It was the perfect evening!

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