Wednesday, June 18

pool and a frown.

Yesterday I really needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Real bad.
We decided we should go to the pool because we live to four AH-MAZING pools!

First a dress rehearsal in Ettie's hat, sunglasses, and swimsuit (even though she can't go in the pool or be in the sun) she just likes to be classy anyway.

Hangin with dad.

and then she got really tired and took a nap.

Last night she took a nap from 5:30pm-11:00pm on the couch. Longest nap ever. (i love how she likes to cover her eyes. don't worry i made sure she had an airway) Then I just moved her into her bassinet and she slept until 5 am. and boy when she woke up she was ready to party! 

But then by 9:30 she got really tired again because we made her be on her tummy for a few minutes and so she started frowning! HEART. BROKEN. Isn't that the saddest face ever? She has never done this before and dev and i just laughed and laughed because it was so pathetic and then she started smiling because we were laughing. Poor baby. Hard life.

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  1. Glad you said you made a hole for her to breath I was worried haha. She is the best!!! Can't wait to hold my baby!!!


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