Tuesday, June 17

Summer in Denver

Last week we went to Lakeside! it's this really old amusement park and it's great! I love how ghetto and old it is and how you always feel like the rides are going to tip over. Makes it extra scary ;)

This is on the wild chipmunk- slightly terrifying. I had some serious whip lash the next day and I think it's from this ride.


Princess Ettie being carried up and down the stairs.

We went with 2 other couples. Our friends Carrie and Grant are THE nicest people ever and offered to watch our babies while we went on a few rides. They are too good to us.

And Devin watched the babies while I was a third wheel. It ruled

Me and carrie laugh hysterically on rides. I love it.

My favorite:

The little babes.
Preston and Ettie.

The guys. right before we got on the white roller coaster of death. 2 guys in front of us pulled out their cigs after the ride had started and began smoking!!! ewwwww so gross! Of course I yelled to them and said to put it out because i didn't want lung caner, but they ignored me. Luckily someone saw them on camera and security was waiting for them at the end of the ride and they were kicked out of the park.

Group picture.

Last Monday night, I decided to tell a bunch of friends to meet at the park for a picnic! I was sooooo happy with the turn out and still can't believe how many families showed up. (this picture doesn't have everyone in it).
Everyone brought their own dinner and the kids ran around and the parents hung out. Such a fun night! We feel so lucky to have met so many fun people who we have become close to. I don't know if I"ll ever be able to move away.

Ettie and her dad. 

Pretty sunset.

Daphne and Ettie. 
Daphne is so adorable and always wants to take a turn holding her little baby friend

Me and my girl at the end of the night. She got passed around the whole night and LOVED it.

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