Monday, June 2

sunday at my parents

My parents love their grand babies. Aren't they really good looking grandparents??? I swear they're too young.

We went to church all together! It was great fun! The guys didn't save us a seats for sunday school so we were forced to sit in the hall and socialize. 

Olivia is so fascinated with her cousin. During Relief Society she kept diving forward to see her. So cute!

Blue is our favorite color. Every sunday we are all wearing blue.

A family photo shoot in the yard was necessary.

And then a baby photo shoot in their matching swimsuits was necessary as well. Aren't they adorable?

Livy kills me. She has the cutest face!!

Devin imitating ettie's sleeping pose.

And our first family photo with all 8 of us! Photo cred to Grandma Karla!

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