Tuesday, June 17

the stone of doom

We got back from LA on friday night and Ettie and I were still struggling with our colds, so we just took it easy and slept a ton on saturday!

She always wakes up soooo happy. it's the cutest thing.

I decided to stay home from church on sunday since I figured Ettie and I were still contagious with our colds and it bugs mewhen people go to church when they are sick and so I figured I wouldn't be a hypocrite ;) Anyway, Devin decided to go to church since it was father's day and they were serving pie afterwards. At about 9:30 I started getting this weird pain in my back. At first I panicked and thought I was pregnant (not sure why but that's just what popped into my paranoid brain) but then I thought that was silly and maybe I had pulled a muscle or something. The pain got worse and worse and i started to feel it in my whole right side. I text devin and said I was in pain and that my right side was hurting way bad and he said maybe I was dehydrated. 
 So I waited a little longer but it just got worse and worse and I couldn't even get out of bed or pick up ettie or anything.  So at 11:30 I text Devin and said "can you please come home? i'm in so much pain." (I felt SOOOO guilty because it was his first fathers day and i was making him miss out on pie after church.)

I was sooooo confused as to what it could be. The pain came on so suddenly and it was all just so weird! We thought maybe it was appendicitis because of how bad it hurt and the location of the pain so we decided to go to the emergency room at about 2:00 pm. We dropped ettie off at our friend's house (carrie and grant) and it was soooo hard leaving her! I was so sad! but at the same time I completely trust them and knew they would just hold her and love her. Plus i was pretty distracted by the pain and couldn't focus to hard on being sad.

We got to the hospital and they did an ultra sound and figured out that it was a kidney stone! They thought it was about 4 mm. and told me it would pass on its own. They also gave me some morphine which was pretty nice! While we were waiting in our room, there was another patient in our same room but just on the other side of a curtain and she had chronic back pain and wanted drugs and she was moaning and yelling in pain and swearing and using the f word and i was getting so bugged because we were literally in the same room and could hear every little thing she said. It was irritating. 

So finally i yelled back, "keep in mind you're in the same room as someone else! I get that you're in pain and i'm sorry about that, but please use some different words." 

and she said, " i can't control what i say! i'm in too much pain."

I didn't respond and after a few minutes she said, "so what are you in here for?" and i told her and she said, "that must be pretty painful". uhhh yeah!

And then i heard her family member say, " I can see why she was annoyed with your yelling and using the f word."

So then she apologized and claimed that she didn't know she was swearing (sure...).

It was pretty funny though. Some people just don't realize that there are other people around them. My nurse came in and was like "is everything okay?" and then she whispered, " don't worry she is leaving soon."

Hospital pic:

Devin made me a gift. we were bored.

Luckily we weren't at the hospital forever and they sent me home with some drugs!

We picked up ettie! and she was so happy! We cuddled the rest of the night. it was like she knew that we needed to take it easy :)

Morning smiles:

She has kind eyes.

So... monday night i passed the stone. I know this might be gross to some, but i think it's kinda interesting haha ... maybe that's because i live with a med student and things don't gross me out anymore.
But here is my stone! crazy how something so tiny can be so painful.

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  1. Ouch!! So sorry Steph! I'm so glad you are better! Ettie has such a great smile!!


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