Wednesday, July 16

the return of ryan

Devin's brother Ryan got home from his mission to Guadalajara Mexico!! Hooray for missionaries coming home!!! I seriously love the whole airport thing and the excitement and anticipation. It is THE best! There were a few other missionaries from Ryan's same mission that came home at the exact same time so there was a huge crowd and it was so fun to watch everyone!

Before he arrived... some cousins to the left, and ryan's best friends to the right.

Our little family picture. Ettie wore her mexican dress that ryan sent her for christmas. soooo cute!

Devin's parents had this awesome sign made. I love it! 

Oh the anticipation!! It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

and here he is!! So fun to finally have him home!

Ettie gnawing on her fist... and this picture is blurry because ryan's friend who took it was so excited that he was shaking super bad. haha love it

photo bomb. (apparently i was shaking too)

He loves ettie girl.

he brought her little big mexican moccasins. so adorable!

and they held hands the whole way home.

Never a dull moment with ryan. He brought home all of this mexican garb and wore it for the rest of the day.

His friends came to see him later on.
First off- check out that view. Holy cow.
Second- he's still in his mexican gear even after being released. haha
third- how cute is it that he wanted to hold ettie while hanging out with his buddies. heart melted.

Tuesday, July 15

Second day of our utah trip!

Our second day in Utah: Sunday

Ettie all dressed up. I love a baby in tights!

We were sooooo tired from our busy day before that we both fell asleep like this. This has never happened before because I just can't sleep with ettie on me. So we must have been really worn out!

Play time with grandma shannon and aunt hallie!

Little diva.

That night we went to a baptism of one of Devin's family friends and my bff from high school was there! So fun to see Lisa and her baby Elle! 

And ettie was exhausted.(i love her arm in this picture)

Utah trip!

A little over 3 weeks ago we drove out to Utah. Ettie did great on her first road trip! and it only took us 3 extra hours! Holy cow! Traveling with a baby is no walk in the park. We would stop to feed her... and then an hour later we would be hungry... and then we needed gas... and then we stopped to say hi to devin's grandpa... and then we were hungry again. It took FOREVER! But we learned from our rookie mistake and will try to make less stops during future road trips.

Ettie and her dad at subway. Eyeing the cheetos.

Ettie and her Great Grandpa Bob in Grand Junction

We finally made it to Utah and Ettie was immediately fought over! She is one loved girl!

She got lots of attention during the 3 weeks with family!

Then next morning Ettie and I met up with my dad and Ashley and Olivia for a princess 5k! It was to raise money for childhood cancer research so it was a great cause and so much fun! I loved seeing the cousins in their tutus and sunglasses and pink. They're the best!

We walked the whole thing and were very close to coming in last. But it was AWESOME!

Me and princess ettie!

Princess Olivia!

Afterwards we met up with my mom at the Original Pancake house! 
These grandparents love their babies!

Then we wanted some more physical activity, so we went up to hike around Silver Lake.

Ettie tried out her ergo for the first time and LOVED it!

The girls!

That night we went with our grandparents to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate my grandma and grandpa's birthdays! 

Here is ettie and her great grandpa doug!

And needless to say we were exhausted after our first day on vacation!

Ettie is such a good sport and traveler and an amazing sleeper!
I love it when she is swaddled!