Tuesday, August 19

California part 2

The night we got into LA, we drove down to Laguna Beach to have our pictures taken. Crazy day!
But the pictures turned out great! 

me and my baby

Ettie ready for Hogwarts!

Gorgeous back drop!

She is too funny. I love that she has her arms up.

The next day was spent relaxing by the pool under a cabana. AMAZING!

and ettie took naps in towels. She even dipped her little legs in the pool.

Then we went out to dinner with Devin's dad.

Love my mom and sis.

photo bombed

It was struggle city with the babies that night. Ettie had a blow out and i didn't have any extra clothes but luckily ash had a fleece jacket, so she wore that and a diaper. And then Olivia's diaper was leaking? or something, so ash just put a diaper over her outfit. It was fabulous and kind of a parenting fail. But the babies survived.

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