Monday, August 18

hawaii recap

Things are finally starting to settle down after our busy summer. IT. WAS. THE. BEST! Nothing like summertime, that's for sure. Devin went back to school today and part of me is pretty sad that our summer is over but another part of me is ready for a routine and to get settled into our new place.

So here we go. FLASHBACK to hawaii!
I posted a video, but wanted to share some pictures as well because we had such a fun time. 

Plane bathrooms are tiny but devin, being the good husband/dad he is, insisted on helping me with ettie. So here we are in the bathroom. I love ettie looking up at us.

My happy traveler. She loves life and is getting really good at smiling for pictures. Pretty impressive for a 4 month old.

We made it to hawaii! It was a long day for little ettie and she was super sweaty and tired and ready for bed. But we forced her to stay up until it was 7 pm hawaii time, 11 pm mountain time. Such a good sport. She handled the time change so well.

Devin, Ettie, and I would take morning walks along the beach and it was so pretty and perfect! One morning it started pouring rain on us, but it was so fun and we just stood under a palm tree for a little bit while I sang "The Tide is High"! I love the beach!

Cute hallie!

Family pic!

For the fourth of july we went to Pearl Harbor. Always such a cool experience to go there and think about our country and its servicemen. This is the USS Missouri which was the site where the Japanese surrendered. Pretty cool!

It was sooooooo hot and humid while we were in hawaii. So here we are in the gift shop cooling off.

One day we drove out to Laie where the temple is, and BYU hawaii, and the polynesian cultural center. I love that area! We met up with a couple of ryan's friends who he knew from buy and were in hawaii for a month having an adventure.  They took us to a place that had the most amazing coconut shrimp!! so delicious!
Here we are at the temple!

While in Laie we also went to the polynesian cultural center dinner and show. 

 Me, Hallie, and Ettie on the beach after ettie got kicked out of the adult pool.

On the 4th of July there were a bunch of contests and activities at our hotel and one of the competitions was a watermelon eating contest. I decided to enter because I have a great track record with food contests. I've won a crepe eating contest (20 crepes), Cereal eating contest (11 bowls), and a Snow cone eating contest (5 jumbo). 
The problem was that I had 2 slices of pizza before doing this and so i wasn't really into it until I saw that I had a chance and then i went to town on that watermelon. In the end i got 2nd place. But did i really stand a chance to this guy???

This picture makes me laugh so hard. Stuffing your face with watermelon is so attractive.

Congrats first place guy. 

Family pic for the fourth of july! We went to dinner and then watched fireworks on the beach. I really did luck out in the in law department. We have so much fun together. I mean look at ryan's pants. That kept us laughing the whole night.

mom and baby Rashguards

We went to church on the sunday we were there and it was soooo pretty. I took this picture when I was outside during the meeting with ettie.

Just watching some tv.

The Pali lookout. and we are really into group selfies.

Breakfast was served on the top floor of our hotel and this was the view. SO AMAZING.

We went surfing and it was my first time!! I was pretty scared but i got up!! it was so much fun!

Oh diet coke how i miss you. (it hurts ettie's tummy if i drink it).

and the flight back home. We took a red eye and i was so nervous for it, but ettie slept the whole time until we got back home! I did her bedtime routine (fed her, changed her diaper, pjs, swaddle, rock her) and so she was already asleep before we even got on the plane. So I just carried her on and after we took off i put her in her carseat. (she had her own seat which was really helpful for a long flight).

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