Wednesday, September 10

broncos and big brownie

Sunday was the opening day for the Broncos! I couldn't resist buying a Broncos jersey (peyton manning's number- even better) for little Ettie. and I think she really liked it.

It's amazing we could get her to smile since she was soooooo tired from church. Sundays are rough.

i love her chin.

family selfie.

ettie finds football riveting.

On Friday night, we decided to go look at American Furniture Warehouse for couches. All we wanted was a huge couch that was comfy. We didn't care about the color or how it looked (shocking for me, i know! but my dream couch is like $5,000 and that's just not going to happen for a reeeeeeeallly long time) and we wanted something really cheap so that kids can ruin it over the years ;)

I present you with "big brownie" aka "the christmas poo" aka our couch. 
(we are weird and those are the nicknames we came up with) 

and we LOVE it. even the ugly decorative pillows it came with.

i always call corner!

Monday, September 8

Living with intention

There's a girl that posts the greatest, most uplifting instas. (thegraygang) and I have to share a couple of the things she has said. Her posts always make me so happy and give me a better perspective on things. It makes me happy to be a mom and wife and that what i'm doing is important (even when i'm tired).

"Awoke feeling grateful. Yesterday I was quickly reminded that a mother's greats wealth is the health of her children. Each day is a fragile fleeting gift. And it should be treated as such. In essence, stay awake! To your children. To your marriage. To your job. To your LIFE. Do not let the hours turn into days that eventually equal into years by simply floating through. Live (and love) with the utmost intention. Nothing is worth more than right now... so ask yourself: How am I tending to my emerging life?"

life is so good.


Last week devin had his first test for second year. and we made this sign for him.

and then he got a 98%
can you believe it? i'm not so sure that i've ever gotten a 98% on anything... let alone in Neuro.
holy smart pants.

to congratulate him I put a life size cut out of my face on his pillow. he's so lucky.

Also, chat books are awesome. you can print out all of your instagram photos into books of 60 for $6. it's pretty much the best and people love looking through them when they visit. (download the app)

and ettie...

5 months

Hi. I'm 5 months old.

running and training and my sidekick

so my training for this particular marathon.. I've had to build up my mileage pretty quick, so my big focus has been not to get injured. This means that I haven't been running as much as I would like to in between long runs. I'll do about one long run every week or two and then only run once or twice during the week. That's it. My shorter runs are usually about 3-5 miles and I try to pick up my pace during these runs. My long runs are just slow and steady: 10:00 min/mile - 10:30.

Devin is obviously super busy with school and so it's been tricky to figure out a running schedule that works for us. This is why I do my long runs on fridays. The rec center that I go to doesn't open until 5:30 am on fridays and 8:00 am on saturdays and I don't want to run in the dark so friday mornings it is! 

I get up at 5 and get ready and eat and am at the gym right when it opens. Then I run as many miles as I can before 7:15 (usually 9 miles). And then I come home and take over Ettie duty while Devin goes to school. I feed Ettie and then put her in my jogging stroller and run the rest of my miles outside. So this last friday I did 9 on the treadmill and then 9 outside with my side kick, E. 
It's not ideal, because who wants to run that far with a jogging stroller??! but it works for us ;)

I've lucked out because the last two long runs have been on days that are overcast and rainy and cooler temperatures. So nice! 

Ettie was not impressed when i wanted to take her picture.

and then she fell asleep. I love her lips and cheeks.

This is at mile 14. I ate a piece of toast before i started and i thought i was going to die until about mile 16. So. Hard. I stopped to take pictures because i needed a break. Crazy what one little piece of bread will do to ya!

This run was hard physically. I think i'm mentally prepared for 26.2 miles, but the piece of bread thing totally did me in and it was a struggle fest. But these are the runs that make you tougher and stronger right?

I love her rain coat. She's a great running buddy and usually just sleeps the whole time because of the movement and she never ever cries. She's the best.

Sunday, September 7


I had a lot of time on Friday to think during my 18 mile run. 
So so difficult. But I'll recap it later.
What I was contemplating for like 3 hours was how weird/crazy/annoying it is that people have told me that I can't do this marathon coming up. (gasp! i know right??)

I haven't had too many people in my life tell me i'm not cut out for something. 
(flashback to my organ professor at BYU telling me that I wasn't musically talented. Stefi, remember when i came and cried on your bed and you fed me cereal?)
Maybe it's because I grew up in a supportive home and had parents who encouraged me to do things that were out of my comfort zone. (thanks mom and dad) But now that I'm an adult, I've noticed that I've run into people that either aren't supportive or happy for me, or just flat out say I can't do it.

umm RUDE! #negativenellys

I'm sure i'm not the only one that's experienced this and I wanted to say if you have run into any of this negativity like i have, DON'T LISTEN TO THE DOWNERS. I repeat. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! You know your self better than anyone and if you want to do something, do it!

A little bit ago, I was talking to someone about the marathon coming up and how it has been hard to train because I had kidney stones. and then the flu. and one thing after another and I only started training a couple of months ago and bla bla bla. 
And this person looked me in the eye and said, "Well stephanie. You're going to get injured." And the person just kind of shook their head and went on and on about how it was a bad idea and that i probably wouldn't be able to do it. I kind of just laughed, mostly because I was caught off guard, and responded with something like: "Yeah well i think it will be fine. My goal is just to finish."
and then me and devin kind of laughed about it after because this person wasn't credible and isn't even a runner.

anyway.. what i'm trying to say is: push yourself and make goals that are kind of crazy and then go after it! What's the worst that can happen? If you can't complete it, that's fine. But don't limit yourself  just because someone says you can't do it. 

I hope everyone out there has at least one supportive person in their life (or multiple supportive people). 
My biggest support is Devin. When I think I can't do something or run the last few miles, Devin tells me I can. When I think i can't run a marathon he not only tells me that i can but he tells me that i have to. Maybe it's because he knows how happy it makes me to reach a goal. But i think we all need to start  surrounding ourselves with people who have good, positive energy and who are supportive and also become that type of person ourselves and encourage the people around you. 

that is all.

and here is my texting convo with Devin. He sent me that response + the link (video below)

I was laughing so hard.

Friday, September 5


Friday night and Saturday we gathered for the viewing and funeral of Grandpa Bob. It was really nice to gather with family and celebrate his life. There were some really fun stories told and it was good to hear all of the kids tell their favorite memories of their dad. 

This is before the viewing with a bunch of Devin's cousins.

Devin with some of his cousins: Jesse, John, and Jake.

Ettie and her grandpa checking in at the hotel.

These are some of grandpa bob's grandsons. Aren't they handsome??

Gathering at the cemetery.

Ettie was a good sport with napping on the go and staying up late.

Saturday night there was a "Celebration of Life" at the Rigg River Ranch. Such a beautiful night! Ettie wore her best Grand Junction attire: cutoffs and little boots. 

the view.

and then we decided to get a few of the rigg babies together for a picture. Ettie got really upset when one of the babies toppled over onto her and there was no soothing her. It was pretty funny though... The other babies were so confused. I love all of their little faces.

A bunch of Grandpa Bob's stuff was laid out on tables for everyone to look at. Pictures... hats... ray bans (his favorite sunglasses)... and we found his CU school of medicine ID. How cool is that??

"I cannot say, and I will not say
That he is dead. He is just away.
With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand,
He has wandered into an unknown land
And left us dreaming how very fair
It needs must be, since he lingers there.
And you—oh you, who the wildest yearn
For an old-time step, and the glad return,
Think of him faring on, as dear
In the love of There as the love of Here.
Think of him still as the same. I say,
He is not dead—he is just away.” 
-james whitcomb riley

Thursday, September 4

Grandpa Bob

"goodbyes are not forever. 
goodbyes are not the end. 
they simply mean i'll miss you. 
until we meet again."

2 weekends ago, we drove to Grand Junction to see Devin's Grandpa Bob because we knew he wasn't doing too well. Devin's dad flew in from California and it was really good to be with family and to enjoy the last few moments we would have with him on this earth. 

We got there friday night and right when we walked in, Grandpa bob lit up and said "Devin! What's my diagnosis?" These two loved to have their medical chats and grandpa loved to tell stories from his experiences being an Ophthalmologist and Devin loved hearing them of course. (Grandpa Bob and Devin's dad actually both went to CU medical school. 3 generations! Can you believe that?) 

We sat down with him and asked him who Ettie looks like and he pointed to himself. It was really sweet. I'm proud that my baby looks like her sweet great grandpa :)

Bob got there later that night and Grandpa Bob was so excited to see his boys. One thing that I love about him is that even though he wasn't doing too well, he still managed to smile. 

Our last picture with grandpa bob. He passed away the following night peacefully and surrounded by his family.

Devin and I haven't had very many close relatives pass away and so this has been pretty tough to experience. Devin thinks the world of his grandpa and loved spending time with him hunting and hanging out at the Rigg River Ranch and so it's been really hard on him to have his grandpa gone. We are truly grateful that we have lived in Colorado these last couple of years because we've been able to  see him so much. Hunting trips and any other time we drove over to Utah, we would stop at their house to spend the night or to have a break for a couple of hours. Grandpa bob and his wife were always soooo accommodating and kind to us and were always trying to convince us to move to grand junction.

Here are some pictures from the last few years:

Karen teaching me how to make her famous fudge that grandpa LOVES.

Hunting. Devin shot his first elk!

Jeff, Grandpa, Devin and Bob

He would come to Denver quite often for medical conferences. (he was actually our first denver visitor when we moved here). He would stay at different hotels and we would go meet him for dinner. Devin even went to some of the meetings with him. Grandpa Bob always kept up in the medical world and stayed current on all of the new treatments and procedures. 
I love this selfie with him:

More hunting. This is one of my favorites of Devin and him.

We both got our eyes checked by him. I told Devin that i'm never going to change my prescription because it's from him :)

Grandpa and his boys!

Feeding the horses. This was actually the day I found out we were having a baby girl!

Working on the ranch!

This was at his cousin's wedding in May and when he met ettie for the first time.

Ettie and her great grandpa hanging out.

so cute.

About a month ago when we were passing through we stopped to see him in the hospital.

A couple of his great grand babies.

We'll miss you Grandpa Bob but we know that we will see you again. We love you!