Wednesday, September 10

broncos and big brownie

Sunday was the opening day for the Broncos! I couldn't resist buying a Broncos jersey (peyton manning's number- even better) for little Ettie. and I think she really liked it.

It's amazing we could get her to smile since she was soooooo tired from church. Sundays are rough.

i love her chin.

family selfie.

ettie finds football riveting.

On Friday night, we decided to go look at American Furniture Warehouse for couches. All we wanted was a huge couch that was comfy. We didn't care about the color or how it looked (shocking for me, i know! but my dream couch is like $5,000 and that's just not going to happen for a reeeeeeeallly long time) and we wanted something really cheap so that kids can ruin it over the years ;)

I present you with "big brownie" aka "the christmas poo" aka our couch. 
(we are weird and those are the nicknames we came up with) 

and we LOVE it. even the ugly decorative pillows it came with.

i always call corner!

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