Wednesday, September 3

Day trip to Grandby

A couple of fridays ago we went to Granby, CO. It's this cool town up in the mountains about 2 hours away from Denver. Devin helped out with new student orientation this year and it was up at Winter Park (which is near grandby) and he said it was so awesome and that we had to go! So we went. It was soooo pretty and it was fun to be in the mountains.

Continental Divide.

The clouds were so pretty and all of the trees smelled soooo good! I loved it.

We went to this little hot dog place when we first arrived. So delicious! I got bleu cheese, bacon, and grilled onion on mine. (see picture below)

Our smiley little girl.

We walked around the little town for a while and then drove up further to another main street with lots of little antique shops.

Ettie's first time down a slide.

Poor baby.

at least she didn't cry.

We drove up a random dirt road to look at the houses and cabins and we saw this abandoned house. Soooooo creepy. But look how pretty the view is!! Why is no one living on this property???

So cool and so creepy all at the same time.

We finished our day trip by walking around this little lake. 

We love colorado!


  1. i wish i lived in colorado!
    az sucks so bad right now!

    1. you neeeeeed to come visit!!! we have an extra room now :) i'm totally serious about this


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