Monday, September 1

Ettie at 4 months old

Since ettie is almost 5 months (gasp!) I thought i would post pictures from this last month of her at 4 months old! We love our happy baby girl! and I'm a little obsessed and could've posted at least 20 more pictures. 

My mom sent Ettie these adorable little cut offs and I put her in the outfit to get a picture and she immediately started crying... but i thought it was still pretty adorable so these are the pictures my mom got. I promise she loves her new clothes!

A sleeping ettie is my favorite.


This shirt is perfect for her: "Hello I love you!" Because she seriously loves everyone! She loves to smile at strangers (gotta start teaching her about stranger danger) and she loves being out of the house and seeing people. 

And she is getting so good at sitting up! Her head is still quite heavy for her to hold up, but she's getting stronger each day!

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