Thursday, September 4

Grandpa Bob

"goodbyes are not forever. 
goodbyes are not the end. 
they simply mean i'll miss you. 
until we meet again."

2 weekends ago, we drove to Grand Junction to see Devin's Grandpa Bob because we knew he wasn't doing too well. Devin's dad flew in from California and it was really good to be with family and to enjoy the last few moments we would have with him on this earth. 

We got there friday night and right when we walked in, Grandpa bob lit up and said "Devin! What's my diagnosis?" These two loved to have their medical chats and grandpa loved to tell stories from his experiences being an Ophthalmologist and Devin loved hearing them of course. (Grandpa Bob and Devin's dad actually both went to CU medical school. 3 generations! Can you believe that?) 

We sat down with him and asked him who Ettie looks like and he pointed to himself. It was really sweet. I'm proud that my baby looks like her sweet great grandpa :)

Bob got there later that night and Grandpa Bob was so excited to see his boys. One thing that I love about him is that even though he wasn't doing too well, he still managed to smile. 

Our last picture with grandpa bob. He passed away the following night peacefully and surrounded by his family.

Devin and I haven't had very many close relatives pass away and so this has been pretty tough to experience. Devin thinks the world of his grandpa and loved spending time with him hunting and hanging out at the Rigg River Ranch and so it's been really hard on him to have his grandpa gone. We are truly grateful that we have lived in Colorado these last couple of years because we've been able to  see him so much. Hunting trips and any other time we drove over to Utah, we would stop at their house to spend the night or to have a break for a couple of hours. Grandpa bob and his wife were always soooo accommodating and kind to us and were always trying to convince us to move to grand junction.

Here are some pictures from the last few years:

Karen teaching me how to make her famous fudge that grandpa LOVES.

Hunting. Devin shot his first elk!

Jeff, Grandpa, Devin and Bob

He would come to Denver quite often for medical conferences. (he was actually our first denver visitor when we moved here). He would stay at different hotels and we would go meet him for dinner. Devin even went to some of the meetings with him. Grandpa Bob always kept up in the medical world and stayed current on all of the new treatments and procedures. 
I love this selfie with him:

More hunting. This is one of my favorites of Devin and him.

We both got our eyes checked by him. I told Devin that i'm never going to change my prescription because it's from him :)

Grandpa and his boys!

Feeding the horses. This was actually the day I found out we were having a baby girl!

Working on the ranch!

This was at his cousin's wedding in May and when he met ettie for the first time.

Ettie and her great grandpa hanging out.

so cute.

About a month ago when we were passing through we stopped to see him in the hospital.

A couple of his great grand babies.

We'll miss you Grandpa Bob but we know that we will see you again. We love you!

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