Monday, September 8

Living with intention

There's a girl that posts the greatest, most uplifting instas. (thegraygang) and I have to share a couple of the things she has said. Her posts always make me so happy and give me a better perspective on things. It makes me happy to be a mom and wife and that what i'm doing is important (even when i'm tired).

"Awoke feeling grateful. Yesterday I was quickly reminded that a mother's greats wealth is the health of her children. Each day is a fragile fleeting gift. And it should be treated as such. In essence, stay awake! To your children. To your marriage. To your job. To your LIFE. Do not let the hours turn into days that eventually equal into years by simply floating through. Live (and love) with the utmost intention. Nothing is worth more than right now... so ask yourself: How am I tending to my emerging life?"

life is so good.

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