Monday, September 1

moving day

Right when we got back from California with my family, we moved to a new place. Same neighborhood. More space. = awesome! But we really need to stop moving every year... It's a pain. (this is the third place we've lived in since moving here. yikes.)

Best part of moving?? Family coming into town to help out.

Ettie and grandma michelle:

Ettie with aunt hallie:

The first night, Hallie and I went to pick up some blow up mattresses for Hallie and Ryan to sleep on. I love a good slumber party!

And ettie loves snuggling in the morning with uncle ryan.

It was soooo much work! I always forget how much work moving is. Even if you're only moving 5 minutes away.

Here's our new place. Love the big kitchen and open area. Perfect for having people over!

First night spent at the new place:

One night I made these really yummy fish tacos. DELICIOUS!

And one night we ordered all of this food from buffalo wild wings and everything was crazy spicy and basically the anderson side of the table was unable to eat any of the food... we are weak sauce.

still moving...

The view from our old place.

We went back to the old place to clean. Our families rule!! Couldn't have done it without them.

Hallie keeping ettie entertained.

goodbye kitchen!!

So long!! 
(so many memories... like bringing ettie home from the hospital. I feel pretty sentimental about this place. But the stairs were killer and it was just a little too narrow.)

^^I was trying to reenact our picture from moving out of our last place. Pretty impressive right?

Grandma keeping ettie entertained.

i think she's adorable even when she's cranky.

crammed in the car! my dad was back there somewhere.

Soooooooo grateful to have such amazing families. They were the biggest help ever and we couldn't have done it without them (and it wouldn't have been as much fun without them.) They didn't complain once and made everything so fun. Love you people!

and somehow i keep getting shorter.

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