Monday, September 8

running and training and my sidekick

so my training for this particular marathon.. I've had to build up my mileage pretty quick, so my big focus has been not to get injured. This means that I haven't been running as much as I would like to in between long runs. I'll do about one long run every week or two and then only run once or twice during the week. That's it. My shorter runs are usually about 3-5 miles and I try to pick up my pace during these runs. My long runs are just slow and steady: 10:00 min/mile - 10:30.

Devin is obviously super busy with school and so it's been tricky to figure out a running schedule that works for us. This is why I do my long runs on fridays. The rec center that I go to doesn't open until 5:30 am on fridays and 8:00 am on saturdays and I don't want to run in the dark so friday mornings it is! 

I get up at 5 and get ready and eat and am at the gym right when it opens. Then I run as many miles as I can before 7:15 (usually 9 miles). And then I come home and take over Ettie duty while Devin goes to school. I feed Ettie and then put her in my jogging stroller and run the rest of my miles outside. So this last friday I did 9 on the treadmill and then 9 outside with my side kick, E. 
It's not ideal, because who wants to run that far with a jogging stroller??! but it works for us ;)

I've lucked out because the last two long runs have been on days that are overcast and rainy and cooler temperatures. So nice! 

Ettie was not impressed when i wanted to take her picture.

and then she fell asleep. I love her lips and cheeks.

This is at mile 14. I ate a piece of toast before i started and i thought i was going to die until about mile 16. So. Hard. I stopped to take pictures because i needed a break. Crazy what one little piece of bread will do to ya!

This run was hard physically. I think i'm mentally prepared for 26.2 miles, but the piece of bread thing totally did me in and it was a struggle fest. But these are the runs that make you tougher and stronger right?

I love her rain coat. She's a great running buddy and usually just sleeps the whole time because of the movement and she never ever cries. She's the best.

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  1. Good for you! I pushed my girls 7 miles and was amazed I could do it. 18 miles - I can't even imagine.


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