Tuesday, October 28

trunk or treat + chili cook off

So many good things happened at our ward trunk or treat/chili cook off on Saturday. SO MANY THINGS!
Number 1.
Devin totally rocked the ghillie suit. and ettie is just the best little swan. (If you can't tell, we are going for a hunting theme and ettie is our game. sorry PETA)

Number 2: I made my mom's chili for the chili cook off. So naturally i won. thanks ma!
They gave devin a little card to give it a title and place next to the pot so people had an idea what they were eating (i.e. vegetarian... spicy... etc.) and so Devin named it "Special Drank." So when they were announcing the winners I was so confused when they announced "second place goes to special drank." Ha. he's crazy.

Bob loved meeting all of our cool ward members. 

Sad swan. The feathers were bugging her. Luckily grandpa bob is a GENIUS and had the idea to turn the onesie around so the feathers were on the back. Ettie's lucky to have such a smart g-pa! He's got her back. (no pun intended)

here she is, feathers on the back, with her dad handing out candy. 

first trunk or treat= SUCCESS!


On Saturday we went to Boulder to walk around the CU vs. UCLA football tailgate and to see the campus.
Ettie wore her CU onesie for the occasion.

CU Boulder has such a pretty campus. i love all of the architecture. The buildings remind me of Florence.

I love how close boulder is to the mountains.

Ettie loved all the attention from Grandpa Bob.

And she LOVED watching football on one of the big screens they had. She was smiling and kicking her legs.

teething probs.

More pretty buildings. (Office of the chancellor)

me and my bae.

I fed her in the car while the men went in to get a table at BJ's pizza. She fell asleep all sprawled out across the console. So adorable.

Linger and Little Man

Friday night, Devin's dad came into town for the weekend. We love having visitors because it makes us go out and do things that we probably wouldn't do.

example number one: hit up Linger.
One of the best places to eat in Denver is where the old Olinger Mortuary used to be. Creepy? Sounds like it, but it's super posh and the place to be. We've always wanted to go but reservations are usually 2-3 weeks out and we just don't plan that far ahead. But on friday we decided to swing by and see if they could magically seat us.
And they did!
It was about 5:30 and they said we could sit at a table that was already reserved but we needed to be done by 7:30. done and done!

The view from our table. (little man ice cream)

my view.

the food was pretty good (it's all small plates that you share), but honestly it wasn't the greatest thing i've ever eaten. We've heard about how amazing this place is for 2 years and so i think that alone made it impossible to ever live up to that kind of hype. Still delicious and a fun experience though and I give the ambiance a 10. I definitely want to go back.

Grandpa Bob and Ettie.

We went to Little Man Ice Cream after because it's just too amazing to pass up. Ettie loves it too.

and then we walked around the neighborhood and towards downtown a little bit. Such a fun night!

Monday, October 27

goodbye friend.

Melanie is moving to the tri cities area today :( so sad. i thought they would be here forever!! It's the worst when close friends move away. I wish all of my favorite people could just live in one neighborhood forever and we could raise our kids together and eat ice cream and live happily ever after.

I was really excited for ettie and baby margo to be besties. I guess they'll just have to be long distance besties now. Little ettie jane and margo jane

we went and got ice cream last week as one last little hurrah. We sure are going to miss them.

In other news.
ettie got a fur shirt. she loves it.

she looked extra fancy at ikea. and she was so serious looking around at all of the furniture.

she was stoked to get an ikea high chair though!

yummy bark!

yummy baby food! This is her "ma, feed me!" face.

Thursday, October 23

ettie the swan

My friend has a blog and she asked if ettie would be a model for one of her halloween diy projects for kids halloween costumes. Of course I said yes, and ettie was a such a good little model. And the costume is to die for!!
check out the article by clicking here:

Wednesday, October 22

hair horns.

Let's talk about my weird hair horns.

Pregnancy does weird things to your body. (obvi.)
 i.e.. kidney stones... random cysts... stretch marks... it's just a beautiful thing really.
But the one thing that i didn't think about before hand was losing my hair. Don't be scared about this if you haven't had a baby yet because it's really not a big deal. 
But the new hair growing back in is sooooooo funny! It makes me laugh every time i see it. And what surprises me most is that it doesn't bother me that much. I'm sure it looks so weird but i'm grateful for all of the weirdness because it means i have my angel baby. So worth it. 
If you think about it, the human body is amazing. A body can grow a tiny little baby inside and then nourish and feed that baby for months and months. It's the coolest craziest thing and i love it!
So here's to hair horns!

and ettie's little bum print in the grass.

Tuesday, October 21

halloween baby

grandma shannon brought this adorable halloween outfit for ettie, so we had a little photo shoot yesterday.

i took around maybe 50 pictures (no joke) and she was too distracted and wouldn't even look at me.
Finally, Devin got home from school and she was ALL SMILES. she's a daddy's girl for sure. little stinker...

ettie pictures

here are some ettie pictures.

i love a baby in a onesie and socks.
also, she loves binkies. see how she's holding 2? The other night i watched her in her crib pick one up, put it in her mouth, take it out, pick up a different one, put it in her mouth, take it out, and put the first one back in. it was pretty cute.

Sunday night walk.

she loves walks.

side note: our boy Peyton now has the record for most TD's. He is so cool! I had goosebumps while we were watching the game.

Yesterday ettie fell asleep twice while i was changing her diaper. Guess she had an exhausting weekend!

and then last night. how sweet is she??

i live for these moments. she is such a sweetheart and i'm so grateful that she's our baby.