Tuesday, October 21

ettie pictures

here are some ettie pictures.

i love a baby in a onesie and socks.
also, she loves binkies. see how she's holding 2? The other night i watched her in her crib pick one up, put it in her mouth, take it out, pick up a different one, put it in her mouth, take it out, and put the first one back in. it was pretty cute.

Sunday night walk.

she loves walks.

side note: our boy Peyton now has the record for most TD's. He is so cool! I had goosebumps while we were watching the game.

Yesterday ettie fell asleep twice while i was changing her diaper. Guess she had an exhausting weekend!

and then last night. how sweet is she??

i live for these moments. she is such a sweetheart and i'm so grateful that she's our baby.

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