Monday, October 27

goodbye friend.

Melanie is moving to the tri cities area today :( so sad. i thought they would be here forever!! It's the worst when close friends move away. I wish all of my favorite people could just live in one neighborhood forever and we could raise our kids together and eat ice cream and live happily ever after.

I was really excited for ettie and baby margo to be besties. I guess they'll just have to be long distance besties now. Little ettie jane and margo jane

we went and got ice cream last week as one last little hurrah. We sure are going to miss them.

In other news.
ettie got a fur shirt. she loves it.

she looked extra fancy at ikea. and she was so serious looking around at all of the furniture.

she was stoked to get an ikea high chair though!

yummy bark!

yummy baby food! This is her "ma, feed me!" face.

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