Wednesday, October 22

hair horns.

Let's talk about my weird hair horns.

Pregnancy does weird things to your body. (obvi.)
 i.e.. kidney stones... random cysts... stretch marks... it's just a beautiful thing really.
But the one thing that i didn't think about before hand was losing my hair. Don't be scared about this if you haven't had a baby yet because it's really not a big deal. 
But the new hair growing back in is sooooooo funny! It makes me laugh every time i see it. And what surprises me most is that it doesn't bother me that much. I'm sure it looks so weird but i'm grateful for all of the weirdness because it means i have my angel baby. So worth it. 
If you think about it, the human body is amazing. A body can grow a tiny little baby inside and then nourish and feed that baby for months and months. It's the coolest craziest thing and i love it!
So here's to hair horns!

and ettie's little bum print in the grass.

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