Tuesday, October 28

Linger and Little Man

Friday night, Devin's dad came into town for the weekend. We love having visitors because it makes us go out and do things that we probably wouldn't do.

example number one: hit up Linger.
One of the best places to eat in Denver is where the old Olinger Mortuary used to be. Creepy? Sounds like it, but it's super posh and the place to be. We've always wanted to go but reservations are usually 2-3 weeks out and we just don't plan that far ahead. But on friday we decided to swing by and see if they could magically seat us.
And they did!
It was about 5:30 and they said we could sit at a table that was already reserved but we needed to be done by 7:30. done and done!

The view from our table. (little man ice cream)

my view.

the food was pretty good (it's all small plates that you share), but honestly it wasn't the greatest thing i've ever eaten. We've heard about how amazing this place is for 2 years and so i think that alone made it impossible to ever live up to that kind of hype. Still delicious and a fun experience though and I give the ambiance a 10. I definitely want to go back.

Grandpa Bob and Ettie.

We went to Little Man Ice Cream after because it's just too amazing to pass up. Ettie loves it too.

and then we walked around the neighborhood and towards downtown a little bit. Such a fun night!

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