Tuesday, October 14

olivia's birthday party and silver lake

We packed a lot into one weekend.

devin's parents came over to see their grand daughter. Check out olivia's photo bomb.

we had a byu baby photo shoot. so adorable.

and then we thought it would be fun to take a picture laying in the grass. Struggle fest. But check out ashley's flame hair.

me and the babies. olivia just likes to crawl around and doesn't love pictures. i get it.

my parents have the cutest play room under the stairs.  the babies love it. especially when grandma is in there playing with them. olivia got really jealous whenever her grandma or grandpa would hold ettie. Olivia would crawl over and want to be held too. so cute.

riding around the yard on grandpa's shoulders.

and then there was a political party for Olivia. She turned 1! I can't believe it's been a year.

the table.

ettie tried on the different hats.

Olivia eating her cake.

we created a photo booth for the guests to get their pictures taken with olivia in.

check out the podium i made.

this is my favorite picture of all time.

our grandparents came, and all of brad's brothers and dad. It was a fun party and I think olivia liked it alright. Hard to tell at such a young age though...

ettie wasn't much of a party animal. she was really tired and took a nap for most of it.

cute little family.

that night we went up to silver lake to walk around and see the pretty leaves!

love that ettie jane!


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