Tuesday, October 7

st. george marathon

it's been almost a month since i've posted. which means ettie is a month older. 6 months! can you believe it???

She turned 6 months while we were in st george this weekend for the marathon.
sweet little bug!

she loves crackers.

and boy does she love her grandparents.

especially when grandpa gives her whipped cream.

st george was AMAZING! i love that place so much and it was fun to be there with my parents and have a relaxing weekend (well, minus the running 26.2 miles part) watching conference and eating and swimming and shopping. 

ettie didn't get very much attention at all...

grandparents have the fun toys.

here we are at the expo.

how cute is the t shirt for this year? i love it!

i love this picture so much. it was soooo bright, as you can tell. and ettie just looked right into the sun and smiled.

her grandparents take good care of her.

our whole bishopric from denver ran the marathon as well, so the night before the race their wives brought me and carrie a treat. so cute!

Saturday morning we got up at 4, I pumped for ettie and got ready, and then Grant drove us to the busses near the st george temple. Then we rode the bus up to the start (took about 30 minutes) and we waited for about 45 minutes (in line for the port potties of course). It was pretty cold- in the 40's and windy!

so carrie and I huddled together under a foil blanket we found. (ps. this is carrie. Her and her husband, grant, live in denver for med school. They are in our ward and are some of our best friends here! i convinced her to sign up for the marathon with me. She's speedy. I gave her a new nickname "crazy carrie".)

Such a pretty morning! I was in heaven!! I felt so good and the scenery was so pretty and i was just so happy to be there. (until around mile 20... when i wanted to die)

the veyo hill! doesn't look nearly as bad in this picture. but it was quite steep.


I felt pretty good the entire race. Carrie and I stayed together for about 5 miles and we were doing 9-10 min/mile pace. I kept that pace up until the hill at mile 8 and then i kinda slowed down to 10 min/mile pace. i didn't really train on any hills so I think it made my legs extra tired for the second half. The second half was mostly downhill and so i just tried to relax and survive. At mile 20 I was soooo ready to be done. My toe was basically one big blister and i was so tired, but i told myself that i could finish and do this and that it was okay if I broke my legs. (i don't know why that helped, but it made me feel better and kept me going. haha)

I took gu starting at mile 5 and then every 4 miles after that. and then tons of water at every aid station and gatorade at every other aid station. I also ate a banana and muscle milk an hour before the race and my stomach felt PERFECT the whole time. Didn't have any bathroom breaks or cramping. So great!

Here are my times:
5k: 31:17 (pace:10:05)
10k: 1:01:22 (pace: 9:53)
1/2 marathon: 2:18:06 (pace:10:33)
30k: 3:18:56 (10:41)

and i did it!!!! 4:51:35 (average pace: 11:08). 
I'm so proud of myself for finishing under 5 hours. My original goal was to just finish before they closed the race off. (which is like 7 hours or something.)
But then when I started I thought i could finish somewhere under 5 hours because I was feeling pretty good. The first marathon I did I finished somewhere around 5.5 or 6 hours- so this was a HUGE improvement. The one thing i love about marathons is that finishing is still an accomplishment. You don't have to get an amazing time or sprint the whole race. It's just awesome if you complete it. 

Here we are at the end! Ettie wanted to eat me the second she saw me.

hangin with e.

My parents. So fun to have them there.

Carrie and Grant (to the left.) She did so good and finished around 4:20!

yay for marathons!! so much fun and I'm so happy i did it, even though i seriously can't walk right now. 

ps. my mom is the kindest, sweetest person ever and took such good care of me after the race. She even massaged my legs and back and made me lay on the couch while she brought me food and drinks and made me go swim and she took care of ettie the whole time. She seriously is the best. thanks mom!

And in the airport to come home I ate a jamba, 2 krispy kremes and Pei Wei. 


  1. Wahoo! that's awesome! congratulations! glad you got a donut reward :)

    1. thanks!!! and yes, nothing better than donuts!!!


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