Tuesday, October 28

trunk or treat + chili cook off

So many good things happened at our ward trunk or treat/chili cook off on Saturday. SO MANY THINGS!
Number 1.
Devin totally rocked the ghillie suit. and ettie is just the best little swan. (If you can't tell, we are going for a hunting theme and ettie is our game. sorry PETA)

Number 2: I made my mom's chili for the chili cook off. So naturally i won. thanks ma!
They gave devin a little card to give it a title and place next to the pot so people had an idea what they were eating (i.e. vegetarian... spicy... etc.) and so Devin named it "Special Drank." So when they were announcing the winners I was so confused when they announced "second place goes to special drank." Ha. he's crazy.

Bob loved meeting all of our cool ward members. 

Sad swan. The feathers were bugging her. Luckily grandpa bob is a GENIUS and had the idea to turn the onesie around so the feathers were on the back. Ettie's lucky to have such a smart g-pa! He's got her back. (no pun intended)

here she is, feathers on the back, with her dad handing out candy. 

first trunk or treat= SUCCESS!

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