Monday, October 13

visit to utah!

Thursday, ettie and I flew to Utah because we heard that ash and brad and olivia would be in town and we have FOMO and didn't want to miss out. Plus devin had a big test he was studying for and it was my mom's birthday, so we figured it was the perfect time for a little mommy daughter vacay.

so hard leaving devin though. this was the longest we have been apart since his mission.

ettie was a dream on the plane. She smiled at everyone and just played with toys. i was soooo nervous before but she was so fun!
 (don't be fooled by this picture--it wasn't an empty flight. this was taken before everyone else got on.)

it worked out perfectly. we arrived at the exact same time as ash and brad, so my parents picked us up and we went right to cafe rio! the best!

my mom was in heaven with her babies.

and ettie loved all the attention. 

playing with grandma's new toys.

all of my pictures are blurry. moving babies!

matching hats!

olivia does the cutest little scrunchy face now. i love it!

the next morning we went down to byu because brad was defending his thesis. Ahhhh! I was so nervous i couldn't even handle it. I felt so stressed. But he did a great job and passed and is officially done with his masters. Take a look at that title.  #smartpeople

getting ready to present.

livy ready to listen to her dad. (just kidding- my mom and i took the girls on a walk around campus during it.)

krispy kremes to win over the professors.

brad's dad flew in to surprise him.

i love BYU so much! so many good memories! 
and this time of year is gorgeous with all of the leaves changing.

my mom and i had a good time in the book store. yay for chocolate covered cinnamon bears and running into high school boyfriends! (while nursing in a corner. AWK.)

sisters and babies.

so funny.

ettie with a cosmo the cougar statue.


  1. im loving your high pony- super cute!

    1. thanks!! it's my only option now that ettie's always trying to pull my hair out ;)


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