Tuesday, October 21

Weekend visitors

On Friday, Devin's family came to visit us for the weekend!!

Friday afternoon, we snuck away for ettie's 6 month appointment. Still 99 percentile for head. 75% for weight. 25% for height. And she handled her 4 shots so well. 

She loves the oral vaccine.

Then we all met back up to go downtown for dinner.

She's one lucky little girl. She has lots of grandparents that love her.

Selfie at Ted's Montana Grill. 
Guess what. I ordered a steak. I don't even know how that happened because i've never ever ordered that in my life because i'm just not much of a steak person. i'm more of a pasta or salad person. But i was craving steak and it was DELISH. 

Larimer Square is so pretty at night. and I love these 2.

Saturday morning we went to Snooze. The wait was an hour and a half and by time we got seated, ettie was super cranky and ready for a nap so i left and went home to put her to bed. i'm a true mom now. Choosing my daughter's happiness over my favorite breakfast ever. ;)

and suddenly hallie is taller than me.

we went to wash park later that day and it was perfect outside! all of the trees are gorgeous there and we rented a surrey bike to ride around. Look how grown up my baby is!!

it was necessary to take a picture break along the way. 
6.5 people on one bike sure weighs it down.

grandma shannon.

ettie's first ice cream sandwich. not sure how i feel about that, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow ;)

that night we went to CPK and then to a movie (ettie's first time) Alexander's terrible horrible no good very bad day. It was such a cute movie and i loved it! Ettie did so good during it and slept most of the time. 

Reading with hallie.

Such a fun weekend!! We love having visitors!!

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