Tuesday, November 11

Nashville we love you

7 plane rides later... and I think it's safe to say we had the most random week ever!
Last monday i flew to SLC with Ettie so that my parents could watch her for the week. 
(it breaks my heart just thinking about it.)
 She was perfect on the plane ride there and gave me lots of kisses. 
well, her version of a kiss is opening her mouth really wide and slobbering on you. 
but it's pretty dang cute.

I was a mess when i left her on tuesday. 
Get-a-blessing-from-your-dad type of hard. 
but my parents are amazing and took such good care of her! I never could've been away from her that long if i didn't have someone i completely trust watching her. They took such good care of her and gave her so much attention that they forgot to get the mail- for a week! 
ha! that makes a mama's heart happy. 

So tuesday I flew with Devin's family to Nashville and then Devin met us there because he had class that day. 
We started off our trip by singing a nice Scott family rendition of "tomorrow" from Annie in the hotel elevator. Someone even joined in with us this time. You really should try it on the next trip you go on- -the key is keeping a straight face while belting out the words. 

Wednesday we explored Nashville a little in the POURING RAIN. Nonstop rain all day. It was really pretty and i loved it! We went to the mall and to the Grand Ole Opry house and to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel for lunch. I ordered a club sandwich every place we went. It was weird.
I'm in love with that city though! It is such a cool place and the people were really nice everywhere we went. 

We went back to the hotel and got dressed up for THE CMA'S!!!!! It was THE best night EVER! Such a cool, once in a lifetime experience and I'm so happy we got to be there. 
For those who have asked: 
(dress: Nordstrom)

It was basically one big incredible concert of all of the people you would ever want to see perform. Brad and Carrie were hilarious. And blake and miranda are the greatest power couple ever. Dierks is extremely good looking and Tim and The band perry sounded incredible.  Ariana Grande's performance of Bang Bang was one of my faves. Keith Urban has the greatest voice. And miranda and meghan trainor's rendition of  "all about that bass" was SO COOL. I was in heaven listening to all of these amazing performers. 

Such a fun night in Nashville! 

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