Tuesday, November 25

o christmas tree

On Friday, ettie and i finished decorating our little tree. It's so fun to reminisce where each ornament is from or when we got it. My mom would always give me and my sister an ornament each year and devin and i get an ornament on every trip, so now we have quite the collection!

Friday night we met some friends for dinner and to watch the christmas tree lighting in Stapleton. 
Ettie loves kids. She thinks they're so funny. Lucy is so good at getting her to laugh.

i'm pretty sure everyone in stapleton had the same idea to eat at the town center before the tree lighting.Noodles and company was pretty crowded and i had to fight people off to get a table. (okay not really, but i did have to tell two different people that we were already waiting for a particular table. Super stressful and so devin stood far away from me and let me do my thang. he doesn't like confrontation.) 

a blurry picture of the stapleton tree.

our friends! they just moved here and they're the best!

i love that they decorate stapleton for christmas. they even had santa there and some princesses and hot chocolate and bbq food samples and free hand warmers and the "dogs of stapleton calendar" ha! It was a fun night!

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